Friday, April 19, 2019


With Jazz and Art on Main coming up in three weeks, I've been in crunch mode putting together the poster work for the stage.

I've also been trying to capture Pamela Hart in order to get the finishing touches done for printing.

Pamela and I got together today at noon for roughly 20 minutes to make some images. We're both pretty busy with various projects - really glad we got to make it happen.

                          ©Andy deBruyn

It was a short shoot but it was a lots of fun thanks to Pamela's vibrant energy and super duper attitude !

                                        ©Andy deBruyn 2019

Pamela will be performing with her quartet at this year's Jazz and Art on Main in Cedar Park on May 11th. Pamela's set will be at 3:00 pm.

So come on out and enjoy some wonderful jazz - America's Music!!! Event happens right next to the Rec Center and lake.

                          ©Andy deBruyn

Thanks Pamela!!!!!

Jazz and Art on Main
Friday and Saturday, May 10th and 11th. Saturday event starts at 11am with the Glenn Rexach Trio.

Thanks for stopping by.

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