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Monday, March 6, 2017


©Andy deBruyn

About a week ago I picked up a bottle of this Bogle 2015 Chardonnay and was pleasantly surprised. It was very smacky  tasty. But what I also noticed was the shape of the bottle. The character line was classy. Not too much neck, a long slow taper towards the middle. I really liked the shape.

So....I decided I wanted to photograph the bottle, try and capture it's character. Picked up another bottle this weekend. (bonus - it was on sale)

Started the day around 7:15am with a strong cup of coffee - prepped my little office studio with backgrounds, stands, lights, gobos, glass, snoots, etc.

By ten o'clock I had my image.

Tomorrow I'll show a bit of behind the scenes and what was involved. Glass bottles are the hardest things to shoot. Looking at the front of the bottle, you have 180 degrees of reflective surfaces.
You have to light to enhance the shape and at the same time keep you, your equipment, and everything else in the room from reflecting in the bottle.

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