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Tuesday, March 7, 2017


Yesterday I posted an image of a bottle of Bogle wine which I took Monday morning.
Here are some pictures of the setup.

Bottles are the hardest thing to shoot in product photography because of the inherent reflective nature of the glass. It reflects everything around itself.

Behind the bottle is a panel of black cardboard and behind that is the main key light. The blue light seen in this image is doing only one thing...illuminating the label. Camera on a tripod with a Nikkor 50mm lens set to manual. UV filter removed. Shutter tripped with cable.

Here is the main light, an ARRI 300w fresnel pointing at the back of the black panel. The light pours around the sides and comes toward the camera. But then I have white panels that reflect that light back onto the bottle.

This smaller ARRI 150w is fixed with a snoot. That's the black tube attached to the front. The opening is about a half inch in diameter but that was making too big of a circle on the bottle. So I took some Black Wrap which is like a heavy duty aluminum foil but it's matte black and can withstand being placed next to a hot bulb.  I cut out a piece that fits right behind the circle and then
with a sharp pencil poked a hole the size of the pencil lead. That little stream of light hits the label.

The overview. You can see that I controlled the light by making two corridors of spill light that
were reflected back to the bottle.

Final image. Controlled light, controlled reflections. ISO 200 f1.8, 1/30th ss. 3200K white balance.

All images
©2017 Andy deBruyn

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