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Sunday, November 6, 2016


As a member of the Cedar Park PACE board (Parks, Arts, and Community Enrichment) I have the privilege and honor of helping to select art work for the city...along with six other fine members of the board. The final selection and approval is done by all members voting on entries. 

Last week two new statues were unveiled at the Cedar Park Veteran's Memorial Park.

The commission was awarded to Big Statues of Provo, Utah.

As you enter the park you will see the "Doughboy" from WWI and a little further on the "WWII Naval Commander" 

                                                                 Uncrating the statues.

Carefully lowering the doughboy.

                                  The patina is just wonderful so rich in color...and texture.

                                            Installing the Naval Commander on his pad.

Precise measurements are made before setting the statue in place.

            The detail is pretty wonderful. A superb job by Matt Glenn of Big Statues LLC.

In the future the PACE board will be selecting new statues that will represent other United States military campaigns.

Again, it's an honor to participate in something that recognizes the sacrifices of our Armed Forces.

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