"For art to exist, for any sort of aesthetic activity or perception to exist, a certain physiological precondition is indispensable: intoxication." Friedrich Nietzsche

Tuesday, October 11, 2016


©Andy deBruyn

Every time I bake biscotti I feel the need to photograph the results. Probably because I know they'll be gone soon and the whole process of rolling and cutting the dough by hand plus the smell of baking delights wafting through the house just isn't something I want to let go of ...yet.

I know they're stuffed with dried cranberries but I always tend to go overboard with the almond slivers and berries. Nothing could be better in the morning than a cup of coffee with a couple of these puppies.

Taken with one umbrella in very close on the right side triggered by a Cactus remote. Camera on a tripod tripped with the shutter cable. ISO 100 in manual mode f2.2 at 1/125th ss.

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