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Friday, June 3, 2016


Walking around 3rd Street this morning in downtown Austin wasn't very pleasant - visually at least - the weather was fairly nice but boy who'd they hire to design this stuff?

Too many unsightly right angles, too much grey concrete and impersonal glass.

This is looking up but it doesn't get much better at eye level.

Human friendly?? mmmm--?-- the large overhanging roofs on the right slice into the space.
Maybe the grassy area could have been oval with a fountain. Hey, but I'm not an architect.

They threw in a little curve to soften the blow to your psyche.

See what I mean? Too much chop chop!!!
                                                    Sorry the plants don't help guys.

Working hard to make downtown Austin more congested than it already is. 

 My only relief came when I happened to walk into a parking garage and saw something that looked a little Dan Flavin-ish. Simple angles can be soothing after that barrage on 3rd street.

All images ©2016 Andy deBruyn

Sour comments about the downtown architecture are mine too. I don't know - it didn't feel warm and fuzzy. Perhaps that's the point, come here, shop, eat, go home.

Maybe a softer architect could help. Where's Zaha Hadid when you need her?? rest her soul.

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