"In the still water of the fountains one saw the splash of human faces, ignited by these gold and scarlet stars as they rose hissing into heaven like thirsty swans." from Justine by Lawrence Durrell.

Monday, May 16, 2016

JULY 1976

                                                                                                ©1976 Andy deBruyn

This image is a scanned 3"x5" print. On the back it is marked July 1976. I took this image at the Boston Market. This was around the time I was attending the Art Institute of Boston for photography.

Taken with a Pentax Spotmatic 35mm camera with the Pentax 50mm lens.

The tint is a combination of the film (which I no longer have), the lab that made the print, and the aging with time. I didn't fool around with it much in P/S, just gave it a long overdue bit of pop.

Memories for sure.

Thanks for stopping by.

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