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Thursday, March 3, 2016


Today I went to the Blanton Museum to see the new exhibit "Come As You Are. Art of the 1990s"
I only felt the urge to photograph five or six works. Selects below. 

Why is this lady blue?...probably because she has to look at this guy all day...

                          Poor blue lady's point of view of Tom Claassen's large black man titled "Untitled"
                                                      The blue lady is by George Segal.

Glenn Kaino's "The Siege Perilous" which looks pretty much like your generic office chair starts from a point of stasis then starts to spin, gaining momentum until it is twirling furiously like some over caffeinated sufi dervish devotee. Then it quietly slows down only to start all over again.
If you have nothing better to do, it's quite fascinating to watch. 

Cuban artist Jorge Pardo's hanging yellow light otherwise titled "Vince Robbins 1997"

In the room full of faux Greek and Roman statues (they're copies) I found this gentleman contemplating ants or maybe he just lost a contact. Why from the backside? because the light was better.

FURTHERMORES: Like I've posted before The Blanton is free on Thursday. I paid four dollars in advance for parking and meandered through the museum for two and a half hours. Now that's a pretty good deal.

The exhibit "COME AS YOU ARE" is not for all for all tastes and there's a sign posted warning that not all the displays are children friendly. Hey, the title is from a song by that 90's rock group Nirvana and penned by Kurt Cobain - you have been informed.

Thanks for stopping by.

                                                           Roman senator sans Roman nose.

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