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Sunday, March 27, 2016



                 Brandon Sappington's  "The Root of All Evil"   Still image Andy deBruyn

Last Tuesday I posted an image of Shannon McCormick from this same short video.  Here is the reverse wide of that scene with Jennifer Blair as the Gypsy.

This still image is Kodak film scanned on an HP8180. There is something about film capture that digital cannot duplicate and that is the roundness, the mass, the visual feel of the human body. It's hard to explain unless you're an old film guy like me and have the visual history to compare.

I know many contemporaries in the industry feel the same way but digital is here for good along with the entire gamut of the digital streaming/delivering business. So for that reason it makes perfect sense ...financially.

ROOT was shot on video but just from this still I know film would have enhanced the experience tremendously. Not to say ROOT  wasn't good because it was...I'm just waxing nostalgic again about film.

FYI and all that.

Janusz Kaminski, who has filmed most of Spielberg's films says and I quote, "...there's more emotion in the emulsion, when you compare it to digital imagery."

Spielberg himself has said he will shoot film until the last lab closes down.

Laszlo Nemes, director of this year's Oscar win for foreign film The Son of Saul,  says it even more starkly, "When there's no more film then I will stop making movies and do something else."

A couple of movies shot on film this past year; Star Wars-The Force Awakens, The Hateful Eight, Bridge of Spies.

Oh, well.

Click image to isolate.

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Addendum. With the color subtracted this image looks very reminiscent of  films from the 40's.

                                                  Actress, Jennifer Blair on Kodak film stock.
Click image to see bigger.

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