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Sunday, February 7, 2016


So going forward with our Los Angeles vacay from last week, one day we reserved for visiting the J Paul Getty Museum.  
The Getty is situated high up in the Santa Monica mountains, if fact, once you've parked you take a tram up to the top.
                    As one can see the day we were there, the weather was wet, windy, and chilly.

       The museum puts out plastic garbage barrels stuffed with umbrellas for the unprepared guests.

                         Inside the main rotunda looking up at the circular design.

              Designed by Richard Meier, the spaces are open and full of light. The warm tungsten                           lighting blends nicely with the higher cooler color temps from the outside.

                              A group huddles together braving the walk between exhibits. A number of  umbrellas caught the wind just right and flew right out of hands and tumbled down the passageways.

My take on French impressionism. It reminds me of Gustave Caillebotte's "Paris Street, Rainy Day" which I got to experience when it was at The Art Institute of Chicago.  

       The misty pelting rain finally blew away and the surrounding landscape began to reveal itself.

 The exterior skin of the museum is made of Italian Travertine and reflects the sunlight making the
plazas seem even more spacious.

                                             As the clouds parted the Getty became alive.

This image is from one of the balconies. The view is looking toward Westwood home of UCLA. Not too many people braved the view, I think I was the only out there. The wind was so fierce that my jacket, which I didn't zip up, was flying behind me parallel to the ground. I braced the camera on the railing and held it down as best I could while tripping the shutter. The wind was also bitter cold.

More from the Getty tomorrow.

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