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Tuesday, February 9, 2016


 I made this image last year around the end of May when I was visiting my son in Burbank, California. I only shot the front and around one side.

I went back last week end and here are some images nine months later including one from the rear.
 Blue skies repeated themselves.

You can see that there's a rather chunky boxy style going on with heavy emphasis on triangles (possibly religious reference),  unopened circles, and soft use of the arch.  

The church was designed by architect Kaaren Khoudikian based on Saint Hripseme Church in Armenia. Again, the cross strongly supported by a triangle.

To me, it's a very masculine church if you will, unlike say the lyricism of many Italian counterparts where the lines are more flowing and sensual. No Andrea Palladio columns or spiraling Bernini touches here. Perhaps these lines and shapes are meant to underscore a sense of rationality. A reasoning of the spiritual experience. ?

                                This is from the rear. The cathedral is new having opened in 2010.

                                                       1915 refers to the Armenian Genocide.

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