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Sunday, February 28, 2016


OK, I've got this thing for Heirloom tomatoes. OK OK, I've got this thing for vegetables.

"Call any vegetable and the chances are good that the vegetable will respond to you" sayeth Frank Zappa.  

The colors, the shapes, the forms, the way the light develops spectrals and wraps around....

..and they make pretty good eatin' too.

These images took up my Sunday afternoon and you can tell that they did end up on our dinner table along with the pulled pork and rice...and a glass of  Pinot Noir.

The top set up was pretty elaborate, I'll have a behind the h-looms shot tomorrow.

Tech Spex: Camera Nikon D7000 with a Nikkor 50mm f1.8 lens. Camera set to manual, which is my preferred way to shoot anyway...anything.  Camera set to ISO200 f6.3 1/100th Tungsten balance.

Top image.
Lighting (here's where the fun was) Above the set is an Alien Bee AB800 shooting through a partially collapsed white satin umbrella laying down the overall tone. ABee was set to lowest power as it was in very close.

Light from the left was an ARRI 300w fitted with a snoot using the 1.5 inch hole. This was aimed directly at the maters. This is still the top shot. I used two filters side by side - Vittorio Storaro* (the great Italian master of light) VS Yellow VS Red filters by Rosco that were made to Vittorio's specifications. The filters were hand held in front of the snoot.

To the right of that was a 6X6 inch silver reflector which hit the first Heirloom on the left. On the right just out of frame is Lowell silver reflector with a large piece of gold foil (cannibalized by one of the fancy schmancy chocolate bars) You can see the effect on the far right Heirloom.

A make up mirror on a swivel stand was used to push light back into the background cloth. And that was the top image.

Bottom image.
The bottom image shows the maters on an Acculight light table fitted with a sheet of chocolate filter and parchment paper. I used the umbrella again from the top but this time it was fully open.

The colors look pretty good on the computer I'm using. By cross referencing with other computers in the house I know the colors can vary as can the resolution. But on mine the selected colors are there and the image is sharp. Also no coloring was added with Photoshop all the colors and tones were created in camera. A digital camera is basically a light sensitive computer. You just have to take the time and learn to paint with it.

Click on image to isolate.
All images are copyright protected. ©2016 Andy deBruyn
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*Vittorio Storaro won three Academy Awards for cinematography: Reds, The Last Emperor, and Dick Tracy. He also shot Sheltering Sky, Apocalypse Now, Tucker, and so many other superbly lit pictures.

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