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Monday, February 29, 2016


Here are a couple of snaps from yesterday's "Heirloom" shoot showing the set up.

Collapsed umbrella overhead - collapsed so as to not use the full width of the fabric and to have more control over pointing the light from the strobe to the subject...here the tomatoes.

 On the left is the Arri (blue and silver thing) 300w fresnel with an attached snoot (black thing)
Again this allows me to aim a stream of light right at the subject. I held a split filter in front of this snoot when firing the camera. VS Yellow and VS Red as explained yesterday.

I used 2 C-stands, one you can see holding the back drop cloth, the other is out of frame but holding the strobe/umbrella combo over the set. This C-stand is counterbalanced with two heavy sandbags.

A shot from the left. You can see the tilting mirror, foamcore with silver material, and the gold sheet which pushed a little warm light into the right side of the image. The gold sheet is just a chocolate bar wrapper.  I like to play around with various shiny reflective surfaces so if it's shiny I'll collect it and stick in a box in the studio for future use.

The magenta thingy almost in the middle of the picture is a Rosco Swatch book with samples of Vittorio Storaro filters.

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