"For the artist communication with nature remains the most essential condition. The artist is human, himself nature, part of nature within natural space." Paul Klee

Tuesday, February 16, 2016


Here's a bts image from yesterday's dada shoot. There are three fresnel lights pointing only at the white board behind the subject. The blinds were shut for the shoot.

You can't see the one off camera left but at the top is an Arri 150w, to the right is an Arri 300w and the one not seen is another Arri 150w. I played around with the lights and intensities until I found something I liked. Sometimes you'll see the white background lit uniformly so the subject is in a limbo state but I felt it was too clinical- like a makeup ad or something. I like the shadows, gives the object a soul. 

The fresnels were fitted with full CTB (Rosco blue gels) to match the color temp of the strobe unit.

The white box with silver reflector is an Alien Bee 800 studio strobe. What you don't see is the 10 degree grid inside the reflector to focus the light just to the subject.

The glove, brush, and shovel were hung with 28 guage steel wire suspended from a boom held by a C-stand. The wire was then attached to the items with a push pin and Museum Wax was used to aim the wire and item and keep them in place.

The wires were removed in post.

The camera was fitted with a Nikkor 35mm f2 with the UV filter removed. Camera set to manual, ISO 160 and pretty much f6.3 @ 1/160th throughout. Shutter tripped by cable.

The shoot took about two and a half hours.

Background music was Jefferson Airplane, entire After Bathing at Baxter's album from youtube, then I switched to the turntable (yeah, vinyl!) for Getz/Gilberto, and finally Julian Bream's Greatest Hits.

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