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Monday, January 18, 2016


Last Friday I had the privilege to photograph the dedicated folks of the 
Cedar Park City Council

The black and white version.

L2R; Stephen Thomas, Lyle Grimes, Corbin Van Arsdale, Mayor Matt Powell, Lowell Moore, Kristyne Bollier, and Jon Lux.
           These are some hard working individuals who make the city's healthy heart go tick tock.

                                                                                                                  ©2016 Andy deBruyn

                                The more relaxed yet "media savvy and ready for business" shot.

Tech info: Lighting for the top photo was an Alien Bee SB800 with the 64 inch PLM modifier on camera left very close in with an Altura flash from the back triggered as a slave. By using one light
for key you get a very sculpted look with people not looking so flat.

There's also an ETC 650W Source lamp at aimed at the city logo.

The bottom image is just natural light coming in from the left...a large floor to ceiling window with just afternoon skylight giving me a huge volume of soft light. By quick and I mean very quick positioning (time is limited with busy people) I managed to give everyone their own share of photons.

I previsualized the shot weeks ago and just needed to place the chairs and table to establish a
box for everyone to be in.

Once the individuals showed up it was just a matter of tweaking body positions for equality of light.
I think this shot took all of four minutes.

For more information about elected city officials and the city visit: cedarparktexas.gov

Thanks to the City Council members for their patience with me and their unflagging call to purpose.

Thanks for stopping by.

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