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Friday, December 4, 2015


Here's another image from my photo session with Adrienne Bennett. There is something very classical about the look...the pose is very Mona-Lisa-ish but in the mirror image angle and I graded the image to a golden patina to emulate classic paintings without getting too much of the aged varnish look.  

And speaking of classical looks, as I mentioned the shoot was in Hyde Park right next to the Elisabet Ney Museum. If you love classical art this is a must stop for you. You can google the museum for the address and hours. Also check it out on Facebook.  

Elisabet Ney worked in both a classical Italianate and Greek styles. On exhibit are statues, both from her sojourn in Europe and her work right here in Austin. If you've been to the state capitol then you've seen some of her work.

These images really don't do the real works justice. Being close to the work, the craftsmanship, the details, the mass of the statues pushing out into space...I suggest a visit.

I didn't mention it yesterday but a "huge shout out, big thanks, appreciative nods and thumbs up" to Adrienne for being such a delight to photograph.
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