"For the artist communication with nature remains the most essential condition. The artist is human, himself nature, part of nature within natural space." Paul Klee

Thursday, October 1, 2015


Two separate treatments for a project I was working on this morning. I used an older Nikon D70 for the top picture. The D70 uses a CCD sensor instead of the CMOS so there's a slightly different look to the original file. The warm tone comes from applying 85 filtration in P/S.    

This bottom I used an older D80. I worked with a 1970's AI Nikkor 50 lens. I switched lenses so both cameras used the AI lens. Not quite as sharp as the newer Nikkors but distinctive in its own look. Since the lens doesn't talk to digital I went fully manual.

The bottom image has more of a painterly shellac-y look. In my continuing quest for control of the backgrounds - the background used here is a large canvas that I painted for this one shot. I worked on it for two days until the texture was just right. Because I would be using fat f stops I knew it would be out of focus. The color grading was done by using the channel mixer.

"Be aware of every square millimeter of your frame."  Jay Maisel

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