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Wednesday, September 9, 2015


On yesterday's blog I posted a picture that took some planning...not much...but it was a matter of waiting for the right day and conditions.

Talking to someone this morning about planning and waiting, I mentioned the above image that took a year to complete.

I had picked the spot out the previous November for an idea that I had based around pre-Raphaelite paintings. The pre-Raphs used a lot of classical images for their projects, Ophelia, being very popular. Once I saw this spot I knew I could try something if I could cast it with willing participants.

A couple months later, I talked to Lisa, one of my favorite people to shoot, about this idea and she said, "Let me know when".  This was February. I told her that I wanted to shoot it in November as I prefer that type of overall lighting. When shooting outdoors there's only so much I can control.

The weather was starting to go my way around the beginning of November so I called Lisa and said next Sunday starting at nine am.

Lisa and her sister Ashley showed with garments in toe...they actually went out and bought some cool looking dresses just for this shoot.

I took the Ophelia image both with Ash and Lisa and ended up preferring the one above with Ash.  
Here's one with Lisa on the same shoot.

The year I spent mulling over these images gave me the opportunity to fine tune my inner pre-visualizations and produce something that I think looks pretty neat. Once I have these images surely planted in my brain then it just a matter of bringing the elements together. 

I have a number of other like projects, one I've been thinking about for four years. It's cast in my head but there's so many elements to this one I'll have to remain patient until again those stars and pixels align themselves.    

IMAGES ARE ©Andy deBruyn

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