"In the still water of the fountains one saw the splash of human faces, ignited by these gold and scarlet stars as they rose hissing into heaven like thirsty swans." from Justine by Lawrence Durrell.

Saturday, August 15, 2015


Well I just didn't have the will or the power to go out this week and shoot. With temperatures sticking around the 106 mark....this morning a fifteen minute shower to make things even muggier...

I looked back at the files that I have on this computer, back to 2010 when I was just determined to snag some dragonfly images. According to the files, I went out four mornings in a row in June and headed down to the local pond...mud, gnats, skeeters, and all.

I don't own a really good macro lens. These were shot with the Nikon D80 and my favorite do all lens the 18-135mm pushed out to max, pre-focused.

This took a lot of patience, sometimes standing still in the same spot for twenty minutes of so waiting for a cooperative chap to land in front of me.  In situation like this a monopod comes in extremely handy.

©Andy deBruyn

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