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Thursday, August 27, 2015


 OK, here's the setup for yesterday's image. The subjects are on my drafter's table. This table is about chest high which makes it easy for tabletop setups.

The black curtain kept the outside light out of the room. In this shot I've opened up the blinds.

For the image, I was trying to emulate a baroque style ala Caravaggio. That's a late baroque.

The lighting was mostly whatever light snuck in with the blinds almost closed shut. There's a small lighting device attached to the bookshelf on the right. The instrument is an Arri Fresnel 150watt that was on a variac in order to control voltage and color temperature. The light is aimed at the back of the small wooden bench.

The silver reflector on the table was pulled back and aimed at the left side of the set. I used the gold reflector seen here hand held up high during shutter release.

Camera info was in yesterday's post.

That's it - pretty simple.    As I've said to my students. Massage it inside your head until you have a good idea of what you're going for - then execute...and study the masters of the style you're trying to emulate. Good photography takes more than just squeezing the shutter.

I added a small amount of 85 filtration in Photoshop.

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