"For the artist communication with nature remains the most essential condition. The artist is human, himself nature, part of nature within natural space." Paul Klee

Friday, August 28, 2015


A couple of months ago one of my boys and I drove from Austin to Los Angeles. I posted quite a few images from that road trip for several days. 

Today I revisited that contact sheet and found some other images that I like. 
I know contact sheet is an old film term but I'm using it as shorthand (as are other photographers) to designate a series of images from one particular shoot or project. "Files" is too ambiguous.

Deming, New Mexico.

Venice Beach, California

         Ye Old Shack just down the road from LAX. "Food Served"...well, I'm sure glad for that.

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Thursday, August 27, 2015


 OK, here's the setup for yesterday's image. The subjects are on my drafter's table. This table is about chest high which makes it easy for tabletop setups.

The black curtain kept the outside light out of the room. In this shot I've opened up the blinds.

For the image, I was trying to emulate a baroque style ala Caravaggio. That's a late baroque.

The lighting was mostly whatever light snuck in with the blinds almost closed shut. There's a small lighting device attached to the bookshelf on the right. The instrument is an Arri Fresnel 150watt that was on a variac in order to control voltage and color temperature. The light is aimed at the back of the small wooden bench.

The silver reflector on the table was pulled back and aimed at the left side of the set. I used the gold reflector seen here hand held up high during shutter release.

Camera info was in yesterday's post.

That's it - pretty simple.    As I've said to my students. Massage it inside your head until you have a good idea of what you're going for - then execute...and study the masters of the style you're trying to emulate. Good photography takes more than just squeezing the shutter.

I added a small amount of 85 filtration in Photoshop.

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Wednesday, August 26, 2015


                                      Roman Head with Grapes              ©Andy deBruyn

Here's a tabletop image I made this morning using some fruits and vegetables and a plaster Roman Head.

I took this with the Nikon D7000 on a tripod using the cable release. I removed the UV filter from the Nikkor 50mm f1.8 lens.

Shot at ISO 100 in manual mode, f3.5, 1/10th ss. This is mostly natural lighting using what is usually referred to as room tone. There is one small Arri Pepper 150W with a 1/2" snoot shooting from the right rear which was on a variac set to about 50 volts. I handheld a golden circular reflector over the set while tripping the shutter with the other hand.

BTW - I made the plaster roman head about 40 years ago while living in Verona, Italy. A sculptor friend showed me some basic modeling techniques with plaster and powdered paint in earth colors.

Tomorrow behind the scene shot.
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Sunday, August 23, 2015


What you see when you get up at sunrise. Toward the east the rising sun.

                                         A father with his two children fishing off the dock.

      Turn around a hundred and eighty degrees and see what the morning sun does to the landscape.

Using the classic landscape S and wedge both horizontal and vertical.

                                                                 ©Andy deBruyn

All images taken this Sunday morning with the D7000 with UV filter removed, tripod mounted with cable release to trip the shutter to minimize camera shake, ISO 100, program mode, auto WB.

Click image for black border.

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Saturday, August 22, 2015


©Andy deBruyn

Just a couple of shots taken around sunset while navigating through some errands.

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Thursday, August 20, 2015


                                                                                                             ©Andy deBruyn

For bigger click on image.

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I've had plans to visit this Austin weird spot for a long time but never could fit it into my schedule. I said "this summer"...but it's been hot...real hot like one hundred plus hot.

This morning was fairly cool with heavy overcast... purr fecto...my kind of shooting weather,
 so out the door I goes. There was even a bit of sprinkling which made it more than pleasant.

                                          Oops, looks like someone got a little out of control.

Another plant in the flight path of flying paint. 

       The post-Woodstock look. I assume someone takes responsibility for the remnants of the artistic maelstorms. Maybe I shouldn't assume.

A good image for after the trash shot. Saw this heart stencil laying on the ground...the rose was by itself in a corner so I put the two together.

©Andy deBruyn

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Tuesday, August 18, 2015


I am selling four of my flower prints in the 5x7 size. I like this size for particular spots in my home and office. 8x10 and 12x18s all have their place but the smaller sizes allow me to fit them into desktop frames or make 2 shot, 3 shot frames for those nooks and crannies in the hallways, niches, kitchen, etc. 

The four prints sell for $40.00 including shipping in the continental US. They are all printed by me on the bold and beautiful Red River Palo Duro Satin C1S.#1351. This is one of my favorite papers, they really make the pictures pop. Great for flowers.

If you're interested in purchasing the four prints for $40.00 please email me at unbutin@yahoo.com for details. *The bright red picture in the package is not the one in the frame but the fourth one down above.

All images ©Andy deBruyn  Click image to see bigger.

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"Carrying your own shadow with you is the most beautiful voyage."              Attilo Stocchi

Saturday, August 15, 2015


Well I just didn't have the will or the power to go out this week and shoot. With temperatures sticking around the 106 mark....this morning a fifteen minute shower to make things even muggier...

I looked back at the files that I have on this computer, back to 2010 when I was just determined to snag some dragonfly images. According to the files, I went out four mornings in a row in June and headed down to the local pond...mud, gnats, skeeters, and all.

I don't own a really good macro lens. These were shot with the Nikon D80 and my favorite do all lens the 18-135mm pushed out to max, pre-focused.

This took a lot of patience, sometimes standing still in the same spot for twenty minutes of so waiting for a cooperative chap to land in front of me.  In situation like this a monopod comes in extremely handy.

©Andy deBruyn

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Monday, August 10, 2015


                                                                                                                   © Andy deBruyn

I was cleaning out one of the closets tonight and found this 8x10 of moored boats somewhere in Maine. I just returned from four years of overseas military duty in Italy.

I don't have the negative (probably hidden deep in some box in the attic) - the camera I was using at the time was a Pentax Spotmatic with a 55mm Takumar f1.8 lens. This was before I attended the Art Institute of Boston for photography on the GI Bill.

Looks like I already had a feel for composition only to be fine tuned at AIB. I can only attribute the overall warm/orange feel on a rainy and probably blue day to a warming filter. I had several filters of different densities in the orange and blue. I actually still have those filters.

I would say it's the 85 filter because of the intensity on the orange on daylight (5500K) film. Which technically isn't the filter to use but I experimented a lot with pushing Kelvin temperatures around.

It's possible this is the harbor in Kennebunkport which is where I lived for a couple of months before moving south to Boston. circa May - July 1975.

Needless to say, it's film.

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Saturday, August 8, 2015


    The gallery next to the Brick in San Antonio.

     Looking up at SAMA.

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An example of non linear Kelvin changes, mired shifts on the move. For those of you who went to Photography school or took my class should remember M=1000000 over T. For a refresher, leefilters.com has a mired shift calculator. Mired shift measurement is more accurate if you know the color temp of the source. If I wanted to even out these three temp areas I would use filters that a mired shift calculator would tell me. Just for example, placing a 1/2 CTB (blue) on a tungsten source the kelvin shifts 900k to 4100K. (from 3200K) If you want to know more about mired shifts you can visit rosco.com.   

Friday, August 7, 2015


                                                                                                                ©2015 Andy deBruyn

The intricasy of the passion flower is mind boggling. The architecture is a thing of wonder.

Taken along Pearl Springs path near the San Antonio Museum of Art.

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Thursday, August 6, 2015


In this shot I was concentrating on the blue sky and placing what I felt was the right amount to push down on the building. The blue negative space, which is really positive for me in this image, looks like a sleek modified bat or B2 Stealth.

Here I maximized the angle to allow the light that shapes the image to highlight the mechanics of light.

I'll come back in a few months when these all have people living in them.

           This is one of those shots that took about a 2 second stop while walking and then resuming.

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Let's start with basic room tone.