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Monday, July 13, 2015


Quick little story -about determination - success. When I owned Solid Color Productions, a video production company in the bay area for twenty years, I worked with the local high school mentoring selected students and teaching them the production business. One particular student, Joe Mendoza, was the most enthusiastic, high energy, get it done kind of guy. At the time he was around 17. I hired him as a grip on many productions over the next several years and he was always on point and ready to go. He was a production sponge learning everything very quickly.   

I've followed his career over the years and when I was in the bay area two weeks ago I paid him a visit at The Little Giant Lighting Company of which he is General Manager. Joe's also the most sought after gaffer lighting guru in the bay area for commercials.

BTW - when I asked if I could trouble him and stop by he said, "Man, you're the reason I'm here!!"

You can see two of his eight (yes eight) trucks in the above picture and six thousand square feet of production equipment.

Joe, proud of you !!!

for more on little giant go to:

or to see Joe's work (he's done some fascinating stuff):

                  One for the history books of bay area production. Photo below dated Sept 1999.

                                                              Photo credit: Phil Bray
L-R Joe Mendoza, me playing director in the back scratching my neck, John Alves on Steadicam, and Bob Woods, on camera talent, for Sun Microsystems.

An even earlier one L-R, Joe Mendoza (a very young Joe), Tom Spignola, key grip, Tom Chandler, DP, on the dolly shooting product commercial for Sun Microsystems.
Both bottom photos taken in my studio Solid Color Productions.  

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