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Wednesday, June 3, 2015


Today I was very fortunate and privileged to tour the Collings Guitar complex in Austin, Texas.
Being a guitarist myself made it very special - it really was inspiring.
Collings guitars are simply the finest hand made guitars in the world.

 Pure concentration.

GM Steve McCreary discusses the finer points of guitar making with Pierpaolo
Adda, famous Italian drummer, author of many books, and guitar connoisseur.

                           Some of the fine artists/craftsmen - hands on and hearts in the process.

Mandolins and ukuleles are part of the line-up.

Meticulously constructing a brace.

Again, that visual concentration surveying every little detail.

        Italian guitarist, Gigi Piaserico from Vicenza Italy, tries out a finished masterpiece.

And the wizard behind the curtain who never stays behind the curtain,
Bill Collings, master luthier and the man with too many visions to mention.

If you are interested in guitars, craftsmanship, excellence, dedication, and artists of the highest caliber, please visit collingsguitars.com for the rest of the story.

A huge thanks to Piepaolo for organizing this visit, to Bill and Steve for their warm reception and
willingness to answer all our questions, and to the many talented artisans with the Collings workshop who took time from their duties to explain to us what they were doing and where it fit in the workflow.

Thanks for stopping by.

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