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Friday, June 12, 2015


                                                               ©2015 Andy deBruyn

OK, so here's another treatment of yesterday's image of my new Calla Lily. I warmed the image up considerably using an Alien Skin plug-in.

The picture looks easy as in "oh, just point and shoot." But there's a little more going on than that.

Here's the set-up. To the left is the dinner room window with a 2 o'clock afternoon sun coming in.
Sorry bout the blue flowers in the back the Calla is in the green pot.
Anyway, in order to get the Lily evenly lit I used a 10x24 silver reflector on the right side pushing light back into the plant. I also hand held a 22" gold reflector when I took the picture.

The black strip is something called a finger. It comes from a kit called, "Dots and Fingers".
They're a collection of small rectangle, square, and round light modifiers calibrated to eliminate light in certain parts of the subject. Here I was using a 12" double net to bring the light down on just the white lily. Everything else was fine except the lily was overexposing and clipping. Using just this strip to diffuse the light in the thin vertical area helped even out the lighting.
I also used the small 2" dot to eliminate a small area that was still clipping.   

Here are the light modifiers I used to make this image. The black finger is being held by an ARRI holder that mounts on any stand. It is made of a flexible material so I can bend/tweak it to fit the exact location of a light "fix".  I used doubles from both sizes.

The dots and fingers generally come in single, doubles, and solids in a variety of sizes.
Basically, the construction consists of a black netting material...single wrap or double wrap for density. The idea being the double holds back twice the light. Since all these units
are built the same you can be sure that your light meter will react accordingly.

So what appears to be just a snap of my flower is actually a set up that required some fine tuning to achieve the light balance and exposure I was looking for. 

Whether it's a small subject like this or something as large as a building it's all about controlling the light. Only thing different about lighting a building are - the lights are bigger as are the modifiers.  

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