"In the still water of the fountains one saw the splash of human faces, ignited by these gold and scarlet stars as they rose hissing into heaven like thirsty swans." from Justine by Lawrence Durrell.

Monday, May 4, 2015


Not much to post since last week. However, today I was driving around trying to accomplish Monday morning beginning of the week errands and was passing by the Veteran's Memorial Park. I decided to stop by since I haven't been there since March of 2012. The sky was cobalt blue, the clouds were large white and puffy so I slapped on a Hoya polarizer and took a couple of snaps.  

On the way home I passed this truck in front of a garage - with that bright piercing sun the truck was lit up and just popped as I drove by...made a U-y and came back to take a few more snaps.

Big time primaries.

Great day for color photography. Click image for bigger. ©2015 Andy deBruyn
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