"For the artist communication with nature remains the most essential condition. The artist is human, himself nature, part of nature within natural space." Paul Klee

Sunday, May 31, 2015


My son, Austin, watching the waves at Half Moon Bay, California, May 2015.

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Friday, May 29, 2015


                                  Stanford University                                    ©2015 Andy deBruyn

                             Bike rider with the Stanford Memorial Church in the background.

                Inside the open plaza area of Stanford University with blue skies of Palo Alto.

We walked around the university grounds for over an hour - the place is immaculate. I couldn't find even a gum wrapper on the street. An abundance of flowers which emit wonderful fragrances as you walk by and large expanses of green grass that looks like a golf course. It's like a living postcard.

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Thursday, May 28, 2015


OK, after a week in the San Francisco bay area, I'm back home and in the saddle again. Slowly going through lots of images and I will post some of the more interesting ones over the next several days.

                                                                                                                      ©2015 Andy deBruyn

This was shot in color but the heavy morning mist contributed to the overall monochromatic look to the Bay Bridge.

The Oracle campus with America's Yacht Club winner of 2010 and 2013 on the pond.

                                         The Oracle Team USA Yacht sits proudly in front of HQ.

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Saturday, May 23, 2015


We took time from our busy business schedule to visit some local color. Venice Beach is always
chock full of interesting events, not to mention lots of people to watch.

I noticed at least four different productions being filmed. Three video crews and one still shoot.

This photographer spoke English but everyone else including the models spoke Spanish so I'm assuming it was a Spanish fashion shoot.

                                                              Typical Venice Beach scene.

                                                                     A kids commercial.

This homeless gent had a sign that read, "I'm homeless Please Help" here he's taking a pizza break to check email on his smartphone.            You can't be homeless if you have a GPS location.

        There are a number of great R. Cronk murals down side streets. Here Homage to Starry Night

One of the many marijuana "medical" doctors on stand by. Forty bucks and your sob story will
get you a prescription and you can pick up a baggie right next door. I didn't shoot the actual medical
marijuana facility as they were quite full and the "patients" may have felt jittery about a camera lurking about. There's one of these doctor/stores every two hundred feet. I stopped counting after six locations. Very popular on the beach. You can tell you're about to come up on one just by the change of seaside perfume to "eau di maryjane"

                   He's actually playing around with a pipe - maybe he's with the research department.

St. Mark The Patron Saint of Venice.

Today I'm heading off to San Francisco - I'll be posting pics the end of next week.

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Friday, May 22, 2015


The beautiful Armenian Church in Burbank.

This gentleman is on a 55 day fast to commemorate the Armenian genocide.

From man's inhumanity to each other (the beast) to Cinderella (the beauty) to.....amc Entertainment Complex Burbank
It was Hollywood that took the metaphorical "Beauty and the Beast" and turned it into light entertainment with dancing candlesticks where it lost it's intended and true meaning.

Images from NOHO

If your interested you can watch in real time the Armenian centennial @ CAHNA.org where
you will find information on "#Neveragain#Neverforget"

CAHNA stands for Crimes Against Humanity Never Again.

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Thursday, May 21, 2015


I've always wanted to use "plethora" in a sentence...so here goes.

There was a plethora of stimulating visual imagery to experience in Deming New Mexico.

...finally, my favorite.

BTW - all the images on this trip were taken with my Nikon D80 with the kit lens, the 18-135mm.
Since I was flying back I didn't want any hassles with TSA so I emptied my smallest camera bag and put the D80 in it...that's it. Also didn't want to take my "better" cameras in case of loss by theft or dropping it in the ocean. BTW2 - the D80 was my first digital camera way back in '08. Still works like a champ.

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Some more images from walking around Deming New Mexico last Sunday. I took pictures while my son scoured the area for an eating establishment that was open. Not much going on or open in Deming on a Sunday afternoon.

I may have crossed paths with three people. Slow day in Deming.

We ended up settling for some chain-oven pizza. 
No turf and surf here.

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Wednesday, May 20, 2015


Just got back home from a road trip out to Los Angeles for business/family business.

The 22 hour drive took two days. First day out of Austin we hit Deming, New Mexico.
What's there to photograph in Deming?  Hey, check it out. 

                                        A lot of roads lead to nowhere. Abandoned plans.

Deming, a city of troubled colors.

Wasn't open.

                                                                     Wasn't working.

                     Part of the chain of mountains called "Sangre de Cristo" from back of the hotel.

It's late and I'm pretty tired. I will be perusing some other images from the trip and will post. 

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Tuesday, May 12, 2015


Another image from this morning's trip to Georgetown's Sunken Garden. There's a couple dozen species of flowers that are in various stages of their growth - each one a delight.

The garden is nurtured by the Georgetown Garden Club.

I love the "horn" shape of this lily - just a wonderful flower to gaze at.

Most of my shots were taken on a tripod with a cable release. This is the Nikkor 35mm lens which gives you a 50mm FX view. I pulled the normal NC filter and popped on a 2x close up.
ISO 200 1/80th ss at f4.5.

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In Georgetown is the Sunken Garden. I try and visit several times a year. This morning was my second time this year. A visit last month didn't yield much but today there was an abundance of colorful lively flowers soaking up the rain.
It was barely drizzling when I arrived around 9am. 

But pretty soon it started to pour and like a knight on a quest I kept shooting with my D7000 which is supposed to be water proof. I'm not so I got soaked. But it sure was fun.

                                                               Here the lens started to fog.

The only lens I used was the Nikkor 35mm DX/50mm FX with the NC filter pulled. On the images where it's predominantly one flower I used a 2x close-up filter.

Click images for bigger. All images ©2015 Andy deBruyn

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