"For the artist communication with nature remains the most essential condition. The artist is human, himself nature, part of nature within natural space." Paul Klee

Monday, April 13, 2015


OK, time for a reality check and see what I've accomplished so far this 2015.   Posting some of my favorite images from the first three months of the year.

Funny, four of them were shot in my office/studio. I say office first because that's all it is, a small 10x10 room. When it's crammed with a shooting table, a couple of c-stands, several light stands, reflectors, umbrellas, and other photographic paraphernalia, there's not much room. I usually end up with a couple bruises from bumping into things.

Shout Outs - Thanks to Lisa Orr for allowing me time in her pottery studio and to Maria for helping me with the phone booth shot that took all of seven minutes. We were working together at a school and the old phone booth was staged for a play. We just snapped a few images before clients showed up. Very impromptu.

Click images for bigger.

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