"For the artist communication with nature remains the most essential condition. The artist is human, himself nature, part of nature within natural space." Paul Klee

Friday, March 13, 2015


This is a brand new church that's about a half a mile from my house. The groundskeepers were out in back finishing up the landscaping. The first service hasn't even been held yet. I won't mention the denomination because I don't like pushing any religious buttons. Everybody can believe whatever suits them best as far as I'm concerned. But I was really enjoying the puffy white clouds as I drove around today. Since it's been heavily overcast the past two weeks the puffy whites and deep blue sky were a visual treat.  

I actually wanted to just take snaps of the clouds but needed something else to anchor the picture. The church with it's brand new out of the box look fit the bill.

The images are straight from camera, all I did was reduce the size for the web. The ISO, white balance and sharpening were all done in camera. I did use a circular polarizer to get the clouds to pop. I removed the UV filter before attaching the polarizer to eliminate the extra air-to-glass.  Handheld at ISO 100 in program mode the shutter speed was 1/160th.

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