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Monday, March 2, 2015


Darn it and gawrsh darn gummit, I for one sure do miss film. I guess I got to thinking about it when I mentioned it in yesterday's post. I'd love to work with film again but it's: too cumbersome with huge enlargers, lots of table space for developer baths, and then there's the issue of the chemistry. Probably wasn't that good for the environment. 
But it has a look that I love. Fortunately, I have thousands of negatives from past years that I can appreciate over and over. I don't think they render their best here on the internet...printed on the appropriate paper - you can't beat it. I'm getting used to this digital look but boy the old way sure made for yummy images. Here's some random shots with info that I can remember.  

Publicity shot for The Odd Couple - city of Fremont's Little Theatre

It's yours truly with a self portrait. Now a couple of things here, one: I've got black hair! and two I'm shooting with a Pentax Spotmatic 35mm with the Takumar 50mm f1.8 lens. Bought that when I was in the army overseas.

OK, move Mom into the shot. Taken somewhere in Pennsylvania as we traveled across country.
Believe this was a Howard Johnson's motel. Circa 1976.

A picture of my wife taken in Napa California. I don't think the web does this
justice at all. But presented properly it looks very painterly and gorgeously soft.. Something that today requires some shenanigans with Photoshop. 1989/90ish.

Esmeralda and Sneakers probably around 1983. Love the shaft of light.

                        Caught mom in a pensive mood at the restaurant. Taken at the HoJo's above.

OK a little nostalgia today. But I will continue to dig deep in my archives for other filmic treasures.
I'm tempted to start shooting film again but there's buying the film, shipping to a lab and having it scanned and the cost. Gawrsh darn gummit.

Thanks for stopping by.
A friend, Kathleen with Tex in hills above the San Francsisco bay. 

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