"Colour has always had something secretive about it that is difficult to grasp. This mysterious quality penetrates the mind. The colours are the most irrational elements in painting." Paul Klee

Friday, February 6, 2015


                                                                                                  ©2015 Andy deBruyn

The folder for these images is labelled "ScarlettPlant" after Scarlett Johansson. Last night I watched her amazing performance as an alien in "Under the Skin" and that got me in this creepy unsettling mood.

Now this plant isn't what it appears to be - that said, I don't know the name of the plant. It's a tall weed that grows up to five or six feet tall in the fields with large fuzzy leaves. In the winter it literally disintegrates into a twisted alien like creature without losing any of it's stature.  A huge open field of these creatures creates a very eerie alien like landscape.

The plant here is cut in half and 20 inches tall held in place and weighed down with a Cardelini clamp.

BTW - the movie? if you like Stanley Kubrick, David Lynch or Andrei Tarkovsky, you'll get it...otherwise, best to stay away. It is far from the main stream.

Nikon D7000 on a tripod with a 50mm lens at aperture priority f4. ISO 200, ss .1/77th of a sec and exposure comp of -0.3.

What was fun was lighting it. I scratched my head for a couple of hours as colors and shapes ran through my head -  then I went to work.

 Key light is a 14inch beauty dish with the SB600 set at 1/32th -0.3 through 216 diffusion. An eighteen inch strip of Roscoflex 3804 lays right under the plant. Right out of frame at image right is an Arri 150w with 2 red diffusion wires covered with a Chocolate filter   (David Lynch??) The background is lit from the bottom with a scoop light fitted with a daylight balanced bulb covered half with Royal Blue and the other half Chocolate. The hot spots on the bottom of the stalk and the top of the plant were done with a small hand held LED flashlight. The slow shutter speed gave me time to hand point it and pop it in two locations...like two quick stabs of light. No color correction this is right from camera...just a little sharpening in P/S.

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