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Tuesday, January 6, 2015


Behind the Curtain for Potato and Tangelo.

First the background. The background is canvas covered with paper mache'. I covered the entire canvas with paper mache' - waited til it was almost dry and then with my fingers move it around until I thought it had good texture for a rake light. A rake light usually comes in from a 90 degree angle...used a lot for film noir movies. I then hand painted it keeping in mind where the paint would be in the final frame. I made this nine days ago. It took about three days to dry.

The base is some very old crusty wood I found in a field.

The potato idea came to me from watching The Turin Horse so it's kind of a tribute to Bela Tarr.
I wouldn't recommend the movie unless you're a die hard Bela Tarr fan. Which I am.

Can't remember where the tangelo idea came from but I knew I wanted it peeled and hanging all over the place.

Lighting - the potato light is from an Arri 200w with a snoot up high. The light was still hot and exposing the potato so I had to use wire scrims to cut down the light - it took 2 double scrims to cut the light just under the clipping point. I was using the histogram function on the camera to adjust ratios. The light is shining through a hole about a half inch in diameter.

An Arri 300 on full flood is pointing up at the ceiling for a base level. I adjusted the barn doors for amount and shape. You can see it as a source at the top of the foto.  

The rake light is down under the table shooting up through a space. The painting is about two inches back from the table so there's an alley that allows me to get the light unto the canvas.

Finally, the side of the dictionary is lit with one of those small 2 inch LED flashlights hiding behind the tangelo. Being that close it was overexposing the book by a lot. I used an old gaffer trick and took some diffusion material and waded it up like a ball and placed it in front of the LED lens.
Since the LED is a cold source I could use anything for diffusion...in the case it was some plastic I ripped from one of those bags you use to hold vegetables for weighing.

If you're using a hot source this is not advisable as the material would catch fire. When using hot light you need to use pro diffusion by Rosco or Lee because it is made heat resistant.  Always check the heat temperature limits with gels or diffusion.

The gobo arm running top of the painting is holding up the leaf which is hanging with 28 gauge wire. The wire also helped me to twist the leaf for positioning.

The camera was set to manual with ISO 200, f3.5 at 1/10th of a second. Tripped with cable release and mirror up on a tripod. And yes that is the infamous Tilt-All tripod which I've had for more than 35 years!! Nothing fancy about it just nuts and bolts. That baby goes with me everywhere...it's been stuck in mud so many times I've lost count...and it's never complained when I've placed it mid stream and used it for pole vaulting over to the other side.

The lens was the Nikkor 35mmDX without the filter.

The final image with an alternative tint from yesterday's post.

 ©2015 Andy deBruyn

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