"For the artist communication with nature remains the most essential condition. The artist is human, himself nature, part of nature within natural space." Paul Klee

Thursday, November 13, 2014


©2014 Andy deBruyn
I recently published several images from this shoot with Maria. Usually I scan my contact sheet and make my initial selects which is what I first publish. Then I wait awhile - not any specific amount of time - but I will go back and visit a contact sheet maybe a few weeks later and see if there's anything of interest I overlooked.  This shot, somehow, I overlooked. I like this image a lot. Classic.

Technical stuff for those interested. Shot handheld with a Nikon D7000 fitted with the 50mm making
it essentially a 75mm on a cropped sensor. The ISO was 100, camera in manual mode with auto white balance. I kept the f stop at f5.6, the shutter speed 1/160th. Looking at the image, key light from the right is flash shooting thru a 45" Westcott Satin Umbrella. Flash is in manual set to 85mm
for a more concentrated pattern. The overall light is just open shade.
In post, I isolated Maria and made the background more painterly while keeping the subject photographic.

Click image for bigger.
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