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Sunday, November 30, 2014


I hope everyone had a grand time with their families this Thanksgiving and there was lots of sharing fun, food, and frolics.

I've been transferring files around between a couple of computers and when I do that I get sidetracked and waylaid seeing a folder that makes me wonder if I did that series of images justice, did I pick the best ones, did I overlook anything?? Think I'll check it out.

Here's two images from a photo session with Sami from the beginning of last year. These images were untouched, left in the drawer sorta speak. In other words, I selected other images over these to post and print.

© 2013 Andy deBruyn

Both images were made toward the end of the session. The camera was the Nikon D7000  with the 18-135mm lens around 110mm. Handheld in manual mode with ISO 400, aperture set to f5.6.
Lighting was from a flash pointing into a silver umbrella. There was also a remote back flash about ten feet to image left.  

©2013 Andy deBruyn

Here you can see both the effect from the umbrella and the nice profile rim light from the
flash placed about ten feet away. Both triggered with wireless remotes.

© 2014 Andy deBruyn

This black and white image of Maria is from about a month ago. Another one I didn't process at the time. I love the Mona Lisa smile. I think I moved past it because the wind had kicked up and was blowing her hair a bit. I like it because the twirling hair is a shade unnatural.  

Portraits of people - my favorite subject to capture. 

Thanks for stopping by. 

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