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Saturday, November 1, 2014


I recently had the pleasure of photographing Maria for her portfolio. I planned the shoot for as early as possible - in this case 10am, to take advantage of my favorite sun position. I pre-scouted the location a few days ahead and took some sample shots to check backgrounds. 

I brought two cameras - one with a 50mm prime, the other with a zoom. I ended up using the prime for the shoot because it was giving me what I wanted as far as perspective and depth of field. 
Camera was in manual mode for complete control.
After two years of shooting and experimenting with the Nikon D7000 I have developed a custom
internal setting to my liking so that most of my global parameters are printed to the SC card. 
This allows me to perform local tweaks in Photoshop very quickly. The tweaks usually
involve the background as my camera settings are tuned for people shots. 

Lighting for the entire shoot was the SB600 fired through a 45" Wescott Optical white satin umbrella
tripped remotely with wireless modules. Most of the time the umbrella was on a Matthews heavy duty stand secured with sandbags...except the bottom shot in which I am firing the camera in my right hand and hand holding the umbrella setup in my left. Also in use was a
Lowell silver reflector for kick.
ISO was 100 throughout with WB in Auto.
Shutter speeds and aperture from top; 1/160 f4.5, 1/160 f5, 1/160th f5.6, 1/200 f4.5.
My sincere thanks to Maria for being such a splendid subject, good sport, and having the patience for
putting up with a fussy photog like me. Mille grazie for a great shoot!
All photos ©2014 Andy deBruyn
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