"Colour has always had something secretive about it that is difficult to grasp. This mysterious quality penetrates the mind. The colours are the most irrational elements in painting." Paul Klee

Monday, October 13, 2014


©2014 Andy deBruyn
This morning I was in the mood for some tabletop work. I've had this old family watch sitting in my drawer which I've been meaning to photograph.
I also wanted to try out some new close up filters I acquired.
The set up for the above image.
Nikon D7000 with a 135mm lens fitted with a +4 close up filter and with the NC filter removed.
Camera is on a tripod and I used the cable release with mirror lockup. I used a Vivitar
monitor hood in live mode for critical focus.
ISO 100, f8, 1/125th ss. Because I was so close I had to do some minor tweaks like set the
exposure comp to -1.3 and the flash manually to 1/32 at +7.
The key light coming from above is the small Lumaquest Softbox III attached to a SB600 flash.
The lights you see at bottom left and the red color in the back were lit using two
uncorrected ARRI 150w fresnels. The one on the left is using a snoot and on the right the barn doors
are closed down to almost nothing.      
A little antique glaze applied in post using an Alienskin plug-in.

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