"In the still water of the fountains one saw the splash of human faces, ignited by these gold and scarlet stars as they rose hissing into heaven like thirsty swans." from Justine by Lawrence Durrell.

Monday, October 13, 2014


                                                               ©2014 Andy deBruyn

Had a couple of assignments over the weekend, two more coming up this week. Trying to find time
for a couple of personal shoots.

I'll start this morning on a product table top and see where that takes me.

Green Glen.
The posted image was shot with a D7000 on a tripod at ISO 100. ss 100th @ f9. No processing, straight from camera, just resized for web. Just another of my favorite subjects - I call them small landscapes. That's to differentiate from those landscapes that go on for miles with mountains or clouds way in the background.

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