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Friday, September 26, 2014


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Alex Wild is an entomologist who is also a fantastic photographer of all things small and creepy...like ants, worms, beetles, and catepillar frass.
Today I read an article by Mr. Wild in which he announces that he has quit being a photographer and accepted a job as a teacher.

The reason: so many people, companies, corporations, schmucks, etc. have ripped off his images from the internet that it is no longer viable for him to make a living at what he does so wonderfully.
Evidently the images number in the hundreds making the financial loss quite substantial. Using anti-pirating techniques doesn't seem to have worked. There's always somebody out there who can find a work around, software backdoors, or just plain old Photoshop.

If you're interested in copyright issues here's the link. 


I can't imagine anyone using my images for any particular purpose (for-profit) but whaddo I know.
I suppose my image posted here could be used as a book cover jacket - a tale of foggy trees, things that live in the fog, foggy notions, trees that lust for fog, etc...

Anywho, if anyone out there is ever interested in using one of my images I would gladly agree to a mild Creative Commons fee. You get to use the image I get some coins...happiness all around.
No sticky frass leftovers.

If you're not interested in copyright law the article is none the less a good read.

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