"In the still water of the fountains one saw the splash of human faces, ignited by these gold and scarlet stars as they rose hissing into heaven like thirsty swans." from Justine by Lawrence Durrell.

Thursday, September 4, 2014


©2008-2014 Andy deBruyn
Today I was still rummaging through the folder from 2008 and I am reminded
that my favorite time of year is just around the corner...fall. And winter in
the hill country strolls in right after.
And with that - the chlorophyll will leech back into yesterday's soil and the leaves
will morph into vibrant ideas of reds and oranges.
©2008-2014 Andy deBruyn
My mind and camera are ready for the change over. 
The top image was made in December of 08, the bottom one a month before in November.
Click image for bigger.
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