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Thursday, August 7, 2014


©2014 Andy deBruyn 
I was reading on another photog's website about his collection of older Nikkor lenses, the ones we used back in the film days. I have a couple of those myself. All of a sudden I got the urge to take just one picture with it...right then. This shot was made about five minutes ago.
It's an old Nikkor 50mm lens set to f1.4 at ISO 400 hand held at 1/50th of a second with exposure compensation at -0.3. The only light is from the window to the left.
I took the file into Photoshop and reduce it for this post. That's all I did so this is straight from the camera's sensor.
The old lenses have no built in way of "talking" to the camera whereas your digital lenses feed all the setting info to your file. 
On my older D80 when the lens was on the camera didn't know it. So no shooting info was recorded.
On most of the newer cameras (my D7000 included) you can go into a menu and list your old lenses with their focal length and largest f stop. The camera will store it and then recognize the lens and record the f stop and focal length. 

Most of you probably use the modern digital lenses recommended for your camera. But if you have some old film lenses around hey go ahead and see if they will work on your digital.

The older lenses have very nice glass and I really like the look they give to the files. I've used this lens on a lot of portraits and it does a splendid job of rendering skin tones. The only issue is it will not auto focus. You need to focus manually and keep a steady hand when clicking the shutter.

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