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Friday, August 29, 2014


This morning I took the MetroRail downtown for a walkabout to see what I could see.
 They keep the temperature on the MetroRail somewhere around freezing.  I'm surprised I didn't see meat on a hook. Anyway, when I got off at the Convention Center my lens immediately fogged up when I hit the street. Here's looking west toward Congress.

Under 35 looking back toward the Downtown station.

Memorial to Vietnam Veterans
While walking around I discovered the Texas State Cemetery on 8th street. The grounds are simply beautiful.   

One view of the grounds.

At the east end of the cemetery there's a hill and on top is a place where you can sit, rest, meditate, pray, become quiet or just zen out. This is the view from that spot.
Brick and mortar - Steel and glass
I walked around for three hours so more images to come.
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