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Saturday, August 16, 2014


©1976 Andy deBruyn
This weekend started by cleaning out the office which for me is usually picking up each displaced item and turning around and placing it on the other side of the room. So at the end if the room looks different then it must be cleaned.
Came across my old negative files and held a couple up to the light. This image according to my sparse notes was shot in August of 1976 in Malden Massachusetts.  It was probably shot with the Pentax Spotmatic and a 50mm lens. I think that was the only lens I had at the time. I developed the negs in D76 with a solution of 1:1. The extent of my notes.
So I don't know what the image is depicting perhaps an institution of higher, lower or same level learning.     

What caught my eye was the framing. It's pretty much the standard way I frame reality. If I look at the recent images of the flyover or the Parmer Event Center and compare the way the image is balanced and how the utilization of frame space is used I'd have to say - it's the same. It might just be the way I see the world through that little viewfinder.

I have noticed a number patterns in my images. I'll have to pay more attention to that part of my brain and whatever or however it's doing what it's doing. That said, it's most likely something I won't be able to fathom.  Alice down the rabbit hole. A curious thing the way we get wired.

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