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Monday, August 4, 2014


I usually don't enter my photographs in contests. In fact, the last time I did that was over thirty years ago. I've always been content with just making these images and enjoying them and occasionally putting them on display.
I have participated in a number of organized artistic wall displays over the years and even sold some prints that way.
But actually to pay to enter a contest and hope for the best. Well, that's been a long time.  

The theme of this competition is flowers and plants. And flowers have always been one of my favorite subjects and I think I have a pretty nice inventory of  images both film and digital.  

Since I can only enter about five images the problem becomes which ones. For instance,
the images on today's post are from May of this year. All were taken within days of each other.
And since I've been taken flower pics all along I literally have hundreds to choose from.

The deadline is sometime in October so I have about two months to peruse these images
and decide.
One never really knows what judges want to see other than the usual: selection of subject, technical competence and presentation.
With that in mind, I'll try my best.  

Thanks for stopping by.

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