"Colour has always had something secretive about it that is difficult to grasp. This mysterious quality penetrates the mind. The colours are the most irrational elements in painting." Paul Klee

Thursday, August 14, 2014


                                                                                             ©2014 Andy deBruyn

I wanted to do something with the teal colored boards I made for a previous shoot. So keeping it on the cool end I grabbed some black plums from the store put 'em in a blue bowl and a couple of shutter clicks later...here ya go.

Took a little more time than that but it was a very easy shoot. Placed the boards on the floor - camera on a tripod looking almost straight down. Only two light sources, 1. an AB800 Alien Bee on the left shooting thru' a satin umbrella aimed down about 45 degrees. The light is at roughly nine o'clock.
2. And on the right - a silver reflector opening up the shadow side.
Slight desaturation in post.

50mm lens on D7000, ISO 100 at 1/15th ss @ f8 in manual mode.

Click image for bigger. Thanks for stopping by.

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