"For the artist communication with nature remains the most essential condition. The artist is human, himself nature, part of nature within natural space." Paul Klee

Wednesday, February 26, 2014


Early morning bejeweled spider web - about 14 inches across

Strange colors for mossy fungi

A fence in disarray

Tree with three holes looking like something worthy of the sea

A child's long lost tennie
Some images from yesterday's morning walk thru the misty drizzly bogpond.
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Tuesday, February 25, 2014


After this morning's post I kept looking out the window at the grey misty wet paper smell day and decided to grab my camera and visit by my favorite bog. That is, I call it a bog...it's probably more of a pond. So you call it a pog or a bond. Anywho, I like to refer to it as "The Bog." 
Grab my D80 with a 35mm f2 lens (my other camera is still at Nikon for spring cleaning), set the camera to ISO 800 (it's pretty dark back in there), aperture priority to f/5.6 and I just snapped away at whatever looked interesting.
The above image is about the middle of The Bog.  
I antique'd it a bit - I was thinking about some of the 18th/19th century French landscape painter like Jean Batiste Corot or Charles Daubigny.
More bog selects tomorrow.
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One of the things I like to photograph is architecture. This is an image from five years ago taken in Dallas looking up the canyon of buildings just as the sun was setting. The skies were dark grey because a storm was pending. Unseen dark clouds were on the horizon. 
This morning outside my window the skies were equally grey and the air was misty with a strong scent like wet paper. I think whatever weather is prevailing causes my mind to wander over past images. This shot from Dallas came to mind.  Plus last night I watched a PBS show about architecture. I think it was called, "10 Buildings that Changed American Architecture". 
Taken with the D80 at ISO 640 @ f/5.6 with a ss of 1/125th and an exp comp of -0.5.
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Friday, February 21, 2014


For the last couple of days a bright orange sunrise has been streaming into my office in the mornings- that sure gives me a hankering for some spring weather and all the events that happen with it. 
The leaves coming back to the trees, new flowers, filling the flower pots on the porch with new colors, playing with dirt and fertilizer.  Mmmm..the smells of spring, too.
And with the warmer weather getting out there again with my camera.
This image was made several years ago with my D80, the D7000 at the moment is at Nikon for a spring cleaning. I like to get my gear serviced at least once a year (if it's in the budget) -Nikon's service center does a great job and getting everything back up to factory specs. Not something we had to do with the old film cameras but now that cameras are basically small hand held computers they tend to go out of spec as they get jostled around and the motherboards exposed to the elements.
 I was very pleasantly surprised a couple of years ago when the D80 came back from Nikon...boy, the images popped again like it was brand new!
Bluebonnets shot at ISO 250, f13 at 1/25th ss with -0.3 exposure compensation.  
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Monday, February 17, 2014


The King of the Sea, ol' Nep T himself, aka Triton. Maybe he's not the only king down there. I made this image on the Little Mermaid ride at D'Land. Of course what's missing are the bright cone poppin' colors the Disney code likes to use to augment the visual experience so you perceive more bang for your buck. I just think he looks more imposing in black and white. And his Charlton Heston facial expression is so real it's spooky. Try prying that trident out of his cold dead hands!
Like all the indoor rides all natural light is kept outside, the tunnels are completely dark thus allowing the colors to appear even more vibrant. Just like in a movie theater projection. Also the darker it is, the less wattage/amperage you need to create those stunning lighting effects...thus one saves money and resources at the same time as stimulating your visual cortex.  What a deal.
I used a whopping ISO 6400 so I could get a shutter speed that would freeze his sea-ness as much as possible -  besides we were clipping along in a seahorse or a clamshell or maybe it was a bowl of plankton - making the ride all of two minutes. D'Land is the master of people moving.  A shutter speed of 80 at f4.5. Hand held with the telephoto at 66mm, no post cropping, framed as is. 

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Friday, February 14, 2014


This is an image I made last weekend during a break in a shooting assignment using a 50mm lens. Two angles of light from opposing windows in the corner of the room. This is straight from camera no processing just made it web small.

Now if this was six feet by eight feet hanging high in a museum some people would stand in front of it and spout pithy comments like, "interesting concept" "nicely balanced"  "good use of negative space" "kinda Rothko-esque, don't ya think?" "very subtle but somewhat compelling". 

Of course, they would be others that would emit haughty sparks of disdain like, "rubbish!" "a waste of  wall space!"  "he'll be a nobody in six months"  "they paid what for it at Christie's !!??"

Oh well. It's just a snapshot of light doing it's thing.

Enjoy the beautiful weather we're having!

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Wednesday, February 12, 2014


A shot of the storybook ride in D'land late at night. A parade was about to start so they turned off all the street lights and were ready to turn on the spots- that's when I noticed this eerie scene. A  minute later the parade started, the spotlights came on and the spooky look was gone.  

This is actual the speaker system high above the walkways. Speakers, lights, and who knows what else this thing does-some of it may even be operated by Homeland Security---looks like it's about to unfold itself and start a fight.

The local mall around 4 in the afternoon...completely empty, abandoned...wonder if the fact that it was Superbowl Sunday had anything to do with this being so desolate.  Most of the shops were open but I didn't see anybody...literally nada-body shopping. 

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Monday, February 10, 2014


Paradise Pier in the rain.
More images from D'Land in Anaheim. Perhaps a little unconventional for this particular venue but I was looking for things that I usually don't see in my day to day affairs. And there is an abundance of strange forms, unusual architecture, heightened colors, and the possibility of bizarre juxtapositions.

Blue on blue

Colors without real names.
Still working thru my contact sheet from last weekend. Hope to post more images all thru the week.
All images ©2014 Andy deBruyn Click image for bigger.
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Friday, February 7, 2014


For the Chinese New Year Parade, they had dancers not only from the local Chinese community but  the Korean as well. I focused mostly on the details and tried to keep the wide shots to a minimum. With wide shots you tend to get the folks from Akron, Rosanky, and Belmont in the frame. Nothing at all wrong with those folks but it tends to dillute the oriental color somewhat.  Especially that guy in the plaid shorts, Megadeath T-shirt and the fuzzy mouse ears sipping a big size.

Beautiful dances, beautiful people...a most Happy Year of the Horse to you too.

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OK, I'm back from my (and familys) mini vacay to SoCal. The weather was wonderful during our stay, bright blue skies (sometimes a cloud or two) a very comfortable 60 - 65. You needed a jacket but that was about it. A hoody did nicely also. Nothing like what it is outside right now here in Central Texas...30 degrees with icy sleety flurries...schools closed, government shutdown...wha?
I wanted to travel light as far as gear goes so I brought one camera body, Nikon D7000, one lens 18-135mm, one extra battery, and one 16gb  SD in camera. That was it. Made it easy for the TSA folks and I just had the camera in a very small camera bag. Didn't even take a lens shade.  Only had to pay attention to the one outfit.   

So over the next couple of days I will be posting some shots from D'Land and beyond.
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Saturday, February 1, 2014


Going on a mini vaca for the next several days. Won't say where but will be obvious once I post some images from the trip. Hint: includes the ocean and museums.
Posted here are some images from a trip last July to Dallas. 
So thanks for stopping by and check back toward the end of next week for the updates.