"For the artist communication with nature remains the most essential condition. The artist is human, himself nature, part of nature within natural space." Paul Klee

Saturday, December 28, 2013


I'm thinking of color this time of year. Most of the colors have been drained from the local fields and winter greys and browns are settling in.

The colors I love are those that only nature can display. Colors that I can't find in my box of colored pencils or tubes of paint. They can always be approximated but never equalled.

The lone yellow flower image looks like a studio shot but is actually me kneeling by a high riding flower and shooting up into the sky. Because I had to open up a stop or two the sky and detail gets blown out leaving just the flower.

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Tuesday, December 24, 2013


Image taken at Brushy Creek Sports Park, 23 Feb, 2010. I think we got about one inch of snow that day which was gone by noon. Maybe the new year will bring some more.

Sunday, December 22, 2013


Holidays stressing you out? Or maybe you're the type that isn't fazed by all this hustle bustle consumer consumption gorging.  Or perhaps...you're a buddhist...and that's very cool.
What do I do to zen out?  I just go for a long walk. Take my camera and  make images of anything that I find interesting...fun to look at...a light I want to capture...all the while breathing in the cold crisp air.
All these images were taken with a Nikon D7000 with the nifty fifty on board. Camera settings:
ISO 100, P mode, set to VIVID with +3 sharpness and -1 saturation and -0.07 exposure comp. Taken around 4:30 to 5 in the afternoon with the sun rapidly fading over the horizon.  As noted in the past I'm trying to preset a lot of looks in camera.
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All images ©2013 Andy deBruyn

Friday, December 20, 2013


                               ©2013 Andy deBruyn
To quote Brancusi, "Simplicity is complexity resolved"
Next year my photographic mantra will be focused on singularity. Simple singular subjects, quiet composition. Not that I wasn't aware of this in my past images but for 2014 my effort will be how much can I leave out. 
For example and/or in other words, following another favorite creator, Cormac McCarthy, images will be pared down. If you look at Cormac's earlier work, the Plains trilogy, Blood Meridian, Suttree, the stories were slowly and beautifully exposed using long paragraph-like sentences that helixed down the page leaving thick sinewy imagery, serpentine moods, and hidden meanings and feelings in their wake.
Then with "No Country for Old Men" he chiseled off extraneous verbiage tossing it aside like so much chum and finally with "The Road" only the pure essence of verse and meaning was left. The imagery was sparse but somehow still thick. Like Hitchcock-not one wasted frame- not one wasted word or even indentation. 
That's what I will be going for - at least in spirit and intent - execution? we'll see. I'll see?
No pun intended.
In the meantime, hope you're enjoying the holiday season.
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Wednesday, December 18, 2013


The pictures have all gone home. This is what is looks like when the city cleans up graffiti. Now if each of those graffiti "artists" would come back and draw something nifty within those frames, we'd have something.

ACOT - Yesterday's post started off as "HEAD ABOUT WATER" - I corrected that later in the evening to what it should have been "HEAD ABOVE WATER"  I guess that's what occurs when you try and post the same day you go to the dentist.

No. 2 - My domain website "andydebruyn.com" is down. Don't know why at the moment. Could have something to do with an expired credit card which I though had been renewed. I will have to get to the bottom of this and hopefully save that name otherwise I may pop up else where with a different moniker.

OK, that's it for the moment.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013


                                                                ©2013 Andy deBruyn
I wish I had time to post more frequently, the previous post was from last Thursday. But with the weather being what it's been (today aside cuz it's nice out there right now) and all the busy minutia of the holiday prep stacking up, I just haven't been able to make it outside with camera in tow. 
So here's two images I've been working on at night. Searching for what? maybe a style...maybe a feeling?  Certainly not perfect, don't know where I'm going with them but I just didn't want another postless day.
Hope you're not treading water but moving ahead against the flow...nice and easy. 
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Thursday, December 12, 2013


I started to post some of my favorite images from 2013 in November. "This Year 2013" then continued in December with "2013 Review Continues" and "More from 2013".
The ones posted here are the kind of non-representational images I like to do-the bottom one of the lily pads perhaps borders. I'm always interested in looking at things from a different perspective or angle. Trying to make an image with a slight question mark. That's besides the landscapes, portraits, and corporate stuff.

2013 has less than three weeks to go and with Christmas in the middle I will probably only get to one or two more "review" pages.

For next year I plan on continuuing to shoot every chance I get. Plus I will be putting on a new 6 hour photography class - soooo if you know anyone who would be interested in attending please have them email me at: unbutin@yahoo.com for specifics. The date and venue have not been set in stone but will be here in Cedar Park. If you attended one of my three hour classes this will be an expanded version covering several more topics. This was my original intention but the last venue didn't allow for that because of constricting hours of operation. 

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Monday, December 9, 2013


 In about three weeks we will be shashaying into the new year. I have already started to "re"-look at my images and coming up with a new work flow, perhaps some new tones or atmospherics, maybe even some gravitas and go boldly where I haven't gone before.  I don't even know if that makes any sense when talking about images. That's why my blogs are generally sparse in verse. I would hope the images "speak" for themselves. And then again, how does an image speak? I find it most interesting that images have been speaking to us for tens of thousands of years. Pre-abstract (cunieform, marked symbols), and for sure in some cases farther back to pre-proto-language.

 The two images above I've posted before - I've toned them down considerably. At least beyond my norm.

This bottom image is one I found tonight among the many and started to play around with it.

                                               The seeds of life revealed by sunlight.

Click image for bigger. ©All Rights Reserved on images.
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Sunday, December 8, 2013


Here's an image I made a couple of years ago. In order to get this look it took some mechanical supports. Two c-stands and a tripod. The flowers are in a box hanging on my porch. I put a couple of stands behind the flowers and hung a 24 inch purple Rosco filter. Then I placed an Arri fresnel light spotted to fire back thru the flowers into the camera lens. Then I just added front fill with the on camera flash to give it sort of an ethereal look. 

The lens was set at 95mmDX/142mmFX, ISO 200, 1/200th ss, @f9
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Friday, December 6, 2013


                                                                                                                               ©2013 Andy deBruyn

Boy, was it cold this morning. Bbbbrrrrr...ice on the windshield and all that. Gotta get used to
it tho'...probably be more before spring...February's always cold, too. Got my thermals on.
A tip of the frozen tam to the folks in Montana, South Dakota and places that are really frigid!

The day is so overcast in dull gray...had to find something colorful to play with.
The image above is really just one shot into the water. I goosed it with color cuz I needed something
to warm me up.

My chapeau also off to Monet, Kandinsky, Van Gogh and all those dudes that loved form, shape, and big colors.

Here is where it was shot. Just found an interesting place along the bank to point my camera.

Stay warm - wear your thermals if you gottem!!

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Thursday, December 5, 2013


Here are some more images from this year. Part of the reason I chose these is that I remember I had fun shooting them. Hey, that's pretty good. They may not be technically perfect but I've never been one of those "pixel peepers" anyway. And for those of you who aren't familiar with that term or read as many photo blogs as I do count yourself lucky.
There are some out there that literally blow images up so much you can't tell what they are. But the "pixel peepers" will pontificate on how much resolution there is and how everything holds together at the microscopic level. For me, that's boring. No need to go diagnostic over it.
My simple standard is if I like what the image portrays...beauty, curiousity, life, fun, grandeur, whatever...then it's a nice picture. Or in italian..."una bella foto".  I also like my coffee black.
It's freezing out there so don't know how many pix I'll be taking over the next several days. I'll post some more favorites from this year.
Click image for bigger.
Thanks for stopping by. Keep warm. Watch for ice on the roads!!!!

Wednesday, December 4, 2013


A cone of rose petals spilling out on wood . Taken on the side of my house around 4:30pm using light from a setting sun.

ISO 100, f5 @ 1/30th, 50mm on tripod. Color manipulation - desaturation and cooler hue added - preset in camera prior to exposure.

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Monday, December 2, 2013


This morning I posted 4 more images from my 2013 selects. After that I went for a walk and captured the above images of a hill country morning sky. (9:15ish)  I shot these two with an 18-135mm pushed back all the way to 18mm so there was a little vignetting which I cleaned up in P/S.  The lens was fitted with a polarizer and shot on a tripod.

For this image, I switched lenses. I put on my old 50mm Nikkor (probably 30 years old or so) Camera was set to manual, ISO 100, f11 @ 125th ss. The saturation for the top two images was juiced a bit but this bottom one is straight from camera no tweaking other than re-sizing. Says something about those old lenses!  And if you take a good look you can see that the color is a bit more embedded with the older lens.

Go ahead - take a shot.
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OK, after the holiday it's back to my review of favorite images from 2013. BTW - hope all had a wonderful break.
Four images - totally different in many ways. From the single budding flower to the cacophony of a cactus' floral display. A tabletop stilllife to a portrait of Sami.

The images are from just the first quarter of 2013 so there's many more to choose from. I plan to post my favorite twelve t fifteen. Each one for a different reason but mostly I just simply like the shot.

Favorite show of the year was definately Magnum's "Radical Transformation" show at the Ransom Center in Austin. It's still there and I will go back before it closes. The show closes January 5th, folks, so there's still time.

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Wednesday, November 27, 2013



Tuesday, November 26, 2013


Well, its' that time of year again when I look back and review all the images that I made and select some of my favorites. I was going to devise some sort of plan like categorize stuff, i.e, favorite landscapes, portraits, objects, etc. but after listing a couple of handwritten pages I decided I'm just going to go into the vault month by month and start extracting my favs. It may be in some sort of order...or not. It's just easier this way.
Thanks for checking out my blog this year. I hope you've had fun with your photography as well. 

The images posted are from two separate Austin walkabouts in January 2013. 

Thursday, November 21, 2013


©2013 Andy deBruyn
Contrasts. That's what I look for. Contrast is what's going to make your optic nerve tingle. Dark vs light, opposing colors on the color wheel,  size or scale (big/small/thin/fat), soft edge vs hard edge , opposites can make your image do a little dance. Juxtaposing opposing elements takes a little practice...you need to see it first and then play with the composition and framing to maximize the effect. For this image, I took three shots with the middle one being the best.
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Tuesday, November 19, 2013


Most photographers that I follow say they post process 100 per cent of their pictures. In other words, every shot goes into Photoshop for some kind of processing. A lot of pro photographers tend to see a digital "haze" on all the files. I'll admit I see it most of the time. So if everything else in the file is copasetic the least they do is run it through a low percentage/highpass filter to leech out this digital haze. Most people don't see and for most pictures it doesn't affect the viewing experience.
The two images I posted here are straight jpegs from the camera. The only thing I did was reduce the size to 600x for the web.
I did all my "processing" in camera. Pretty much automatic as I get.
The camera is set to P mode, white balance is set to auto as is ISO. I set image to VIVID plus 2 and saturation to plus 3. The only thing I had to control was highlight clipping. There wasn't very much, the top one is -0.7, the bottom is -0.3.
There's some shop talk running around the web about "pre-processing". We'll probably see more of it.
The advances in the quality of the ADCs (analog to digital converter) in digital cameras is so good now that many photographers are shooting in jpeg rather than RAW.  Someone even suggested that RAW may eventually go away which I can see happening. The quality of ADCs will continue to get better - the immediate response and quality of global pre-processing will certainly follow suit.  Photshop will be reserved mostly for local tweaking. 
Camera specs; top ISO 800, f9 @1/500th ss - bottom same. Hand held, polarizer on a Nikkor 35mm f2 lens. Haven't changed that lens in over a month now. Back to the good old days when all I had on my OM-1 was a nifty-fifty.
Go ahead take a shot.
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Monday, November 18, 2013


The recent heavy rains caused fallen branches and deadwood to be swept into piles of woodsy debris. And now with the addition of winter leaves falling from different sources in various states of decay, a strange dark kaleidoscope of texures and colors is created.

"A tree says: a kernel is hidden in me, a spark, a thought. I am life from eternal life! The attempt and the risk that the eternal mother took with me is unique, unique the form and veins of skin, unique the smallest play of leaves in my branches and the smallest scar on my bark. I was made to form and reveal the eternal in my smallest special detail."       Herman Hesse 

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Saturday, November 16, 2013


                                                                ©2011 Andy deBruyn

Here's an image I made in November of 2011. As far as natural light in hill country goes, November displays my favorite light of the year.  I save up a lot of ideas for November.

I was attempting a couple of things here - one, trying to emulate the Autochrome process which was patented by the Lumiere Brothers of Paris is 1903.

Two, influenced by the paintings of the pre-Raphaelites, I tried my hand (eye) at Ophelia who has gone mad and about to slip into her watery demise. 

To see more examples of the autochrome process just google/images: Autochromes.

If you search for examples of pre-Raphaelites, you'll see the story of Ophelia, as well as other Shakespearean characters was very popular.

Combining the two produced the image posted here. Thanks to Ashley for posing so eloquently on a chilly Sunday morning. 9 am no less!

Click image for bigger.
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Friday, November 15, 2013

OMG!! It's Maclura Pomifera!!

A gorgeous day. About 75 degrees, a slight hint of a breeze, blue skies, and a snappy happy sun.
It was a grand day for a walk in the park, over the bridge, and through the woods, etc. I meant to take a quick walk but ended up meandering the woods for two hours.

Here's the Maclura Pomifera part....

These are maclura pomiferas...AKA osage oranges, AKA horse apples, AKA bodocks, AKA....etc.
According to wikipedia these lime green seeds, the size of softballs, fall off from a tree whose branches were used by Native Americans for their bows. Also had something to do with Thomas Jefferson. Keeping cows at bay. If you're curious check it out. Another president was involved, too...odd stories all to do with maclura pomiferas...who'd thunkit.

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Thursday, November 14, 2013


                          ©2013 Andy deBruyn
Over the years and not many at that, I've developed a pretty lean post production flow. I really don't do too much to my images. Ninety percent of the time I'm done in under three minutes. I use unsharp mask, high pass filter, saturation, and maybe a bit of vignetting. Those four Photoshop effects is where I swim almost all the time.
I really try and get what I want in camera when I'm in front of the subject. A habit that goes back to the film days when you didn't have too many variables to choose from, especially with transparencies. With Kodachrome and Ektachrome your f stop was your only best friend.  
Look at it this way, your DSLR is basically a light sensitive computer with literally dozens of choices that affect the ones and zeros once they slide off the sensor and become files. You have highlight monitoring and RGB monitoring right in back of your camera. That's where most of my decisions are made - on the spot.
Another factor is that I personally don't like sitting in front of a computer screen for very long. After an hour and a half I'm toasted.  So I work the image in the field (in fresh air!) and perform minor tweaks at home.
Now all that said, this morning I wanted to try some electronic/digital painting. The above image is the result.  Took about twenty minutes. Hasn't been my look or style in the past - Not too sure yet.
I need more time and courage to proceed in this vein.  With my low tolerance for kneeling before my digital altar that gives me time to post about 4 images whereas normally I can post and publish/print 4 pix in fifteen minutes.  I may have to find a happy medium and stick it in my tool kit for "those special" projects. Besides all that kneeling is hard on my knees.
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