"For the artist communication with nature remains the most essential condition. The artist is human, himself nature, part of nature within natural space." Paul Klee

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

In The Heat of the Day

It's hot outside....like mid-90's. But sitting at home will not produce any pictures so again with an itching shutter finger I struck out for Taylor...again. I  have a set of pictures from last year's jaunt but remembered I didn't get to snap everything I liked. So back I went.
So here's four shots from my walkabout on the dusty side of town...right next to the tracks.Great architecture, lovely faded colors, and a  little ruination.  I lasted 'bout an hour and then the heat got to me. Back home for some cold ice tea.

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Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Weekend Shapes and Curves

One of the basic things I teach in photo class is looking for shapes, forms, lines, mass to use in your photographs. That's besides colors, contrasts, textures, size relationships, and so on to etc.
Here's two examples from a family outing in San Marcos yesterday. Both quick snags as we walk around town checking out the architecture and for somewhere to eat. (Valentino's whole wheat pizza is highly recommended)
These are images I see before I even put the eye to viewfinder. Which is a good thing as walking around with the camera to your eye is not a good thing...safety wise that is. As any craft, these techniques come with practice, trial and error, and self criticism.

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itself...wouldn't that be nice?

Friday, May 11, 2012

2D Landscapes Anyone?

I love playing and experimenting with the "parameters" of the landscape ideals and twisting those historical norms. Landscapes generally tend to be a lot wider than the ones I show here with more foreground and a big sky. But I love punching in a bit to compress the landscape ideal until I achieve an almost abstract feel to the photograph especially the bottom picture. I guess I have to tip my beret to Aaron Siskind who early in my photo "career" influenced me quite a bit. Mr. Siskind used flat surfaces and two dimensional found wall and ground objects to emphasize a particular issue in photography. I see that concept run through many of my images. I toy with that 2D 3D dilemma a lot.  Sometimes I'm conscious of it, other times not.

It's just reinforces the 2Dness of what we are actually working with as opposed to trying to "manufacture" or "imply" a three dimensionality to an image.

The top photo is ISO 100 @ f5.6 1/125th of a second, 27mmDX, the botton is ISO 200 @ f8, 125th, lens at 35mmDX.  

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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Short Sweet and Lilac?

I admit I don't know the name of this bush but they're all over the place. I drive by rows of them as I make my merry daily rounds. I love the color contrasts of purple and green. This particular bush glowed and jangled with a  rhythm the others didn't possess, even at 30 miles an hour I caught it.
Got home, grab the camera and went back. Glad I did because my 8.5x11 inch enlargement looks quite nice.
Camera set to ISO 100, handheld at 1/30th, @ f5.6, lens @ 90mm(DX), WB Auto.
Andy deBruyn ©2012
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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Capturing That Rock and Roll Look

My son, Derek, plays in a band called The Penny Dreadfuls. This weekend they played in Austin at the aptly named Hole in the Wall.  The words dark, grungy, sticky, and beer come to mind. It's that kind of place...and I gather on purpose. It's sort of a forced atmosphere if you will. But hey it's only rock and roll and somebody's gotta like it. Even me.
It was an extremely dark place with a very old lighting system (system?). The stage spots were all aimed katty-wampous at everything but the stage. You could use a flash but that would kill the atmosphere straight away. So I had to deal with available light and there wasn't much of it.I played with several high ISOs and had to settle on 1600 with a +1 or +2 in exposure compensation asking my camera to give me everything it could muster. I think some of the newer cameras (i.e., Nikon 7000 or D800) would have handled the high ISOs much better but alas I was working with a five year old D80.
I went with the 35mm f2 lens, aperture priority set at f2 to gather all the light it could and tried to keep a steady hand with some pretty low shutter speeds. As expected the pix were quite grainy so I went with that and even added some crunchiness in P/S and ended up with a look similiar to the pushed Tri-X.

The band portrait shot on the club's patio was at a cooled down ISO of 400 with a shoot thru umbrella.

Hopefully there's a feel for the atmosphere of a down and dirty rock and roll club. No offense to the Hole in the Wall, ya gotta do what ya gotta do...
Oh, and the band put on a great show!  Rock and Roll yeah!  Kudos to The Penny Dreadfuls!